The Prestigious Distinguished Chefs Competition Took Place Recently

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The Emiliano Zapata Municipal Market was transformed into a cultural stage for the event.

Ana Álvarez, the organizer of this magnificent occasion, also holds the position of Marketing Manager for the Municipal Markets of Puerto Vallarta. Her primary focus through the Chefs competition is to showcase the Culinary Art present in Puerto Vallarta, while also encouraging people to visit municipal markets like the Emiliano Zapata Market, which offer high-quality products for preparing extraordinary meals.

Due to the significant scale of the event, the main street was temporarily closed, preventing access for the residents of "Caloso." However, there was a community conversation, and everyone agreed that the closure during midday was acceptable. The stage, adorned with Art and Culture, brought a sense of entertainment and Mexican festivity to the occasion.

A total of 5 participants, who are renowned Chefs from famous restaurants like "Tinos," "Masame," "Tienda Grande," "Que Bola," and "Mi Querencia," competed in the contest. The winners will receive cash prizes: $5000 for the first place, $3000 for the second place, and $1500 for the third place. Nevertheless, the most valuable reward for them is the recognition from the public.

Cecilio López, the head of the Municipal Markets in Puerto Vallarta, requested a special acknowledgment for Vizcaya University, which provided substantial support in organizing the event. In the presence of the Municipal President and the Tourism Director, the competition was inaugurated, and Chef Alejandra Aisury Delgado García from "Masame" Restaurant emerged as the winner. The second place was secured by Rogelio Ramírez Pera from "Que Bola" Restaurant, and finally, the third place went to Antonio Cabrera Saldaña from "Tienda Grande" Restaurant.

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