The Grill Kings Grill Festival 2024.

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This Saturday, April 6th, the Second Edition of "The Grill Kings Grill Festival 2024"

It will take place starting at 2:00 pm. The aim of this festival is to promote the culinary culture of grilling, as it is a very national tradition in Mexico that also attracts many foreigners. It will be a great opportunity to taste various flavors with the participation of grill enthusiasts, chefs, and 10 specialized restaurants from Puerto Vallarta who will gather in a grand flavor party.

Since ancient times, grilled meat has represented humanity, as humans were the first beings to cook meat before eating it, and probably this was the first dish made by man. Some authors suggest that the most primitive way of using fire in cooking was to apply it directly to the meat of a whole animal, or using hot stones on which pieces of meat were placed. In our country, Mexico, beef was known after the arrival of the Spanish, but in pre-Hispanic Mexico, a great variety of grilled or cooked meat dishes were already known. Nowadays, many ways of grilling meats are known, sometimes with a rich refined flavor from restaurants, and sometimes with a rich and delicious ranch flavor. That's why it's necessary to explore the different flavors, which makes this Festival meaningful.

Among the participating restaurants are: La Patagonia, Rústico, Cocina de Mar y Brasas, Zenizas, Taquería El Súper Güero, Vallarta Meat on Grill, Los Oyster Boys, Jurél, Mariscos Pinche, Barbacow, Tequila Amecatl.

The event is complemented by a craft beer, wine, and mixology expo sale, as well as live music and a play area for children. Don't miss this festival, experience and discover the Culinary Art of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, United Mexican States.