The Famous Hidden Tacos Of Pitilal, Puerto Vallarta.

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The Taco Tavern in Pitillal.

Normally we find taquerias on the corner of the busiest block, but in Pitillal there is a different taqueria, an authentic Taco Tavern. It is the richest family business in Pitillal with a genuine story to tell, but what's most curious is that from the outside it looks like a simple business, so small that you might wonder if you can eat there or better place your order to go, we're talking about "La Taberna del Taco" Taqueria, nestled in the heart of Pitillal, Puerto Vallarta.

This is how, upon entering through a forced dark corridor, you arrive at the real place, a very spacious taqueria with many chairs and tables to enjoy a delicious meal in a family atmosphere where everyone is very well taken care of.

Here you can find Tacos, Quesadillas, Volcanoes, Burritos, Filet. On Saturdays and Sundays they sell "Menudo" and other wonders of traditional Mexican cuisine that, due to their fame worldwide, are a spectacular guarantee of flavor and variety. Remember that maybe making a taco is simple, but nobody takes into account the vast and ancestral process of its creation. And it's because this act dates back to the times of the Mexicas, when the greatness of our indigenous peoples was still a symbol of respect for the old world of our ancestors.

At Vallarta Today, we invite you to discover all the taquerias in the city, try the different flavors, and delve into the wonders that the culture and tradition of Puerto Vallarta have for you and your whole family. It's never too late to find the best places to eat because man does not live by bread alone.