The Aggressive Bullying Continues on Los Muertos Beach

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When will the lack of morals, lawlessness and sex parties on the beach end?

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After the business and residential community of Amapas met with the Mayor of Vallarta Luis Michel and the city council to stop the open-air sex acts, obnoxious noise levels (100db+) and other problems produced by the ownership and management of the Mantamar, the Puerto Vallarta Reglamentos levied a fine for violations about 3 weeks ago.

The obvious disregard for COVID safety and unprotected sex in the open pools deemed acceptable by Mantamar management have extreme health risks and must be addressed forthwith.

Since the day the fine was issued, the ownership, management and DJ’s of the Mantamar began a concerted effort to aggressively bully the residents of the Los Muertos Beach area in what appears to be a preplanned and executed attempt to intimidate the very neighbors that would prefer a clean, quiet law abiding community as is currently prescribed in the laws of Mexico.

Now the owners of Mantamar are beginning a 5 day event without any controls on drunks, cleanliness, noise or gay sex on the beach. Within an hour of the event beginning the music level was already at 103db! The maximum noise regulation for a preregistered event on the beach in the federal zone is a maximum of 65db!

When will the lack of morals, lawlessness and sex parties on the beach end?