The Youth Market Of Puerto Vallarta.

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Youths Engaging in Entrepreneurship at Linear Park.

Carlos Edén Salas Vanegas, Coordinator of the Municipal Institute for Youth Assistance, initiated a project in support of young entrepreneurs. Through a program called "Impulso Vallarta," the project began on Saturday, February 3rd at the bazaar held every 15 days at Linear Park. It serves as a creative platform for young entrepreneurs based on the values of inclusion, interculturality, and the development of competitive skills. This project aims to help young people develop their various skills in a structured manner by complementing them with training in finance, marketing, sales strategies, etc.

With the goal of working hand in hand with the youth of Vallarta and integrating them into the formal economy for the productive development of the community, the IMAJ (Municipal Institute for Youth Assistance) creates different actions through these types of platforms to support young people. The general idea and intention of this program, in order to be carried out, are backed by the subdirection of business development, which facilitates the training of participants in the Youth Market.

Young artists will be able to learn in a fun and creative way how to develop professionally in their business, technical, and logistical areas. For example, young singers not only have the commitment to prepare quality songs but also have to prepare costumes, rehearse, get audio tracks, achieve ensembles with their colleagues, master the stage, and overcome the challenge of achieving quality work. This is how, little by little, a competitive level is achieved that will position and ensure the future of youth. Undoubtedly, an essential task for those who are part of the artistic community in Puerto Vallarta.

These activities, like many others provided by the government, are free of charge and are very useful for the emotional and cognitive stability of young people, who in turn feel cared for and taken into account to gratefully promote the greatness of living in Puerto Vallarta, a world-class tourist destination.