The Profits Of Flowers Every February 14th.

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The Most Beautiful Gain of Valentine's Day.

One of the sectors with the highest economic impact is the sale of flowers every February 14th, as it is undoubtedly an easy way to show affection and love for one's partner. For some women, it is even considered obligatory before any other act of showing love.

This date is one of the most important for thousands of floriculturists and producers, as it represents 25% of their annual sales, with expectations that flower bouquets alone will generate a revenue of 2 million pesos for Puerto Vallarta in a single day. Thus, sales consist of 70% flower arrangements and 30% ornamental plants. It is a tradition for producers to prepare each year to meet the demand of lovers on this date. For floriculturists, it is a day of total sales; they are not familiar with celebrating love but are aware of the most important day of the year for boosting their finances. Therefore, they focus on preparing the "Buchón" bouquets, which are currently the most requested.

For lovers, it also means a responsibility to have a good bouquet to give, especially to their partner. If the partner is materialistic, they may desire the famous and expensive "Buchón" bouquet. However, if they are someone who values kindness and detachment from materialism, then any small bouquet with beautiful flowers will be sufficient to give.