Health Can Be A Profitable Business In Puerto Vallarta.

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Wellness Centers and Body Care in Puerto Vallarta.

Also known as "Spas," body care centers are a rapidly growing market in our city. We can find various types of spas in hotels, in the city, at thermal centers, or in places near the jungle or the mountains, in close contact with nature. Opening a spa is, in general terms, an accessible business project.

Consumers are increasingly aware of their health; taking care of oneself is no longer just a benefit or a strong social trend but has become a necessary aspect of life, and companies are showing interest in this highly demanded sector. Furthermore, the presence of so many foreigners living in Puerto Vallarta has led to the blending of body care culture with the local idiosyncrasy, resulting in a steadily increasing trend towards spa memberships.

Most hotels offer spa services, so it's challenging for tourists to visit a business outside of the hotel. However, as mentioned, foreigners who fall in love with Puerto Vallarta end up buying property and become consumers of local services, including spa visits.

The services offered at a spa vary from place to place. Generally, the services are focused exclusively on physical well-being, such as exfoliation, application of masks, facial treatments, skincare, pedicures, manicures, waxing, massages, and holistic services (highly demanded in Puerto Vallarta, such as temazcal and ancestral meditations).

When the spa business is situated in its own space, it's highly favorable, allowing for very good profits. However, as mentioned in other articles, the real business is in real estate; in this case, when renting workspace, profits are considerably reduced. Still, it's a very profitable business if proper marketing and social media management are maintained.

The holistic atmosphere provided by the city of Puerto Vallarta, thanks to its proximity to the mountains, beaches, sea, and various natural rivers, enables people to live with a strong awareness of nature, which undoubtedly facilitates a better quality of life. Therefore, the development of businesses selling health and body wellness services is highly favorable for newcomers from other countries where they were accustomed to periodic visits, as well as influencing locals to take an interest in caring for their own bodies.