Municipal Market Of Río Cuale.

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A Community Project for Tourists.

The Municipal Market of Río Cuale, the most important market for Vallarta residents, is also the oldest. Managed by Cecilio López, Chief of Municipal Markets, he exclusively shared with Vallarta Today the cultural greatness that each vendor showcases day by day in order to achieve sales for the tourism that visits the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta.

He explained that during neoliberalism, it suffered a cultural deterioration because the economic system promoted by the governments of the 90s stopped supporting the maintenance of the market itself. Among the fixed expenses the market has, in addition to payroll, are maintenance work and aesthetic beautification for the market itself. The problem with the market is related to the limited budget from the Municipal Government. To address these weaknesses, it is necessary for markets to receive funding from the Ministry of Tourism.

Municipal Markets offer their cultural identity, as they reflect the way of life of Vallarta residents, Jaliscans, and Mexicans in general. They represent a whole way of conceiving Mexico that tourists and foreigners who love our country are amazed to discover.

The Municipal Market of Río Cuale is located next to the Cuale River and has grown dangerously on several occasions. The last time, three years ago, it caused various damages both to the merchandise of the vendors and to a structural part of the building. On that occasion, the vendors received minimal support from the three levels of government: Federal, State, and Municipal.

In Puerto Vallarta, there are 3 very important markets: the Municipal Market of Río Cuale, the Emiliano Zapata Market, and the 5 de Diciembre Market. Thanks to the will of the market's founders, this great project remains alive, and it's because the people continue to shop at these markets that they continue to thrive.

The vendors have struggled to face one of the most interesting social phenomena in tourist areas, namely the Tourism Monopoly, which occurs in conjunction with the growth and control of tourism that arrives at hotels and cruises. It turns out that those in charge of tourist activity logistics prevent tourists from reaching the town's spaces, and unfortunately, their sales decrease. That's why the vendors themselves have taken on the task of building tourist activation programs to bring tourists to the market and encourage them to buy. Thanks to this Committee of vendors and their great mobilization, they have been able to rescue commerce, but it is not enough. They still need resources to continue rescuing the spaces, beautifying them, and keeping them in good condition for the benefit of tourists and local visitors.

Come and get to know the soul of the merchants of the Municipal Market of Río Cuale, who are the old, authentic, and original founders. They know the history of Puerto Vallarta and the friendly essence of its people.