Puerto Vallarta And The Romance Industry.

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A Highly Productive Subsector.

Puerto Vallarta, as a tourist destination and possessor of extremely beautiful locations, as well as being privileged for its incredible sunsets, has been chosen by thousands of people to organize here the greatest dream of their lives, their eternal union of love. A very expensive but very nourishing Romantic Love to build a great family that will make history. So, Puerto Vallarta attracts couples from around the world seeking magical places for their weddings. Up to 30 weddings take place in Puerto Vallarta every weekend, according to the World Tourism Organization.

Romance, an ancient word for modern Spanish, but with much to contribute. In its origin, romance was a story told in Latin, in the language of Rome. When the language spoken in France clearly became different from low Latin (as happened with Spanish from the 10th century onwards), the French called the emerging language "romanz" to indicate that it was a language that originated from Latin. This word was formed from the Latin "romanicus", which in turn comes from the adverb "romanicé", derived from the name of the Eternal City, applied to the speech of its inhabitants and, subsequently, to the languages developed in nations of Latin culture. The origin of "romantic" is similar: It is a word formed from the French "romantique", which meant "novelistic"; "romantic" derived from the English word "romantic", which in the curious game of back and forth of European languages, came from the French "romant", a variant of "roman".

The novelistic, romantic, tender, and cheesy are some of the elements that we find in the word Romance, but today we will focus on the pinnacle of romance, which is the union of a couple, the wedding itself; this is the Industry that generates millions in profits.

It is expected that this Subsector will reach 33 billion dollars by 2026, highlighting its influence on the global tourism industry. With a 23% share in the Romance Industry globally, Mexico, and especially Puerto Vallarta, is positioned as the number 1 place for suitable spaces to get married or live a dreamy romance. Mexico has witnessed an increase in weddings, marriage proposals, honeymoons, and new trends such as the "Baby Moon" and "Express Weddings", significantly contributing to the economic growth of tourism in our country. According to SECTUR, it is projected that by 2024, these activities will represent 8.7% of the National GDP, consolidating Romance Tourism as an important driver of the tourism economy in Mexico.