Information And Psychosocial Factors Prevention Fair.

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Rally among Preparatory Schools in Puerto Vallarta.

On Friday, September 22nd, a Rally among preparatory schools with the theme "I Choose" will take place. It will be a significant activity aimed at supporting young people in their guidance, information, and guidance on addressing important psychosocial factors, such as socioeconomic classes, which, with a lack of information, can affect the emotional development of young individuals.

The purpose of the Rally is to engage students from different preparatory schools in studying various psychosocial issues through innovative and creative activities and contests that dynamically and entertainingly have a significant impact on the young participants. Since the pandemic, anxiety and depression have increased among high school and preparatory students due to limited social interaction and spending more time at home. This has unfortunately resulted in a depressive effect, compounded by physical inactivity, leading to challenging mental and emotional issues in youth, which are only now beginning to be addressed.

The event will take place at the La Lija Cultural and Sports Center from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and will be coordinated by the Child Protection Coordination, with the participation of invited organizations from the Puerto Vallarta Table Six. The Government of Puerto Vallarta aims to address the underlying issues in youth, which will contribute to mitigating problems related to youth violence.