The Most Important Hospitals In Puerto Vallarta

General Medical
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Where to go in case of an emergency?

If you're vacationing in Puerto Vallarta and a medical emergency arises, it's crucial to know the closest and most reputable medical facilities. Today, we present a list of hospitals and clinics that you should keep in mind during your visit to Puerto Vallarta or if you already live in this beautiful tourist destination.

  • Urologists in Vallarta: Located on the main avenue, at Genovesa Plaza in the Las Glorias neighborhood. A clinic specialized in treatments for male conditions. Contact: 3222248797.
  • Dental Solutions Puerto Vallarta: A dental clinic located in Plaza Marina, specialized in dental emergencies. Contact: 3223292777.
  • Hospital Versalles: A comprehensive hospital that caters to everyone; in addition to good care, it is cost-effective. Contact: 3222249292.
  • Advance Medical Center: A prestigious clinic located in the central Versalles neighborhood. Contact: 3222244761.
  • San Mare Health Care Group: A specialized health center located on the main avenue, Francisco Medina Ascencio, to treat various conditions. Contact: 3222521711.
  • Hospital CMQ Centro: A hospital close to you, located in downtown Puerto Vallarta, with a branch in Pitillal. Contact: 3222231919.
  • Hospital Medasist: Located at Manuel M. Dieguez 360, open 24 hours. Contact: 3222230656.
  • Spine Clinic Vallarta: Specialists in spinal alignment and back pain. Contact: 3292980717.
  • Hospital Joya: In Nuevo Nayarit. Contact: 3222268181.
  • Dr. Abraham Cazares "Aesthetic Medicine": A clinic focused on plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, and anti-aging. Contact: 3222392961.
  • Inmunotherapy Regenerative Medicine: Beauty and organic restructuring clinic. Contact: 3222256187.
  • Ameri-med: A clinic specialized in neurosurgery. Contact: 3222262080.

This is a shortlist of private clinics where anyone able to pay is treated in the best way possible. However, some tourists may not be prepared for emergency medical expenses because they are accustomed to their health insurance covering costs in their own countries. Nevertheless, it's important to clarify that in Mexico, these insurances do not cover hospital costs and medical services. Therefore, it's crucial to also be aware of the services offered by the Jalisco State Government, which are much more affordable.

In such cases, it's recommended to visit the Regional Hospital of the State of Jalisco, located at Calle Noruega 580, Lomas del Medio neighborhood, contact: 3222995601.