Film Festival In Puerto Vallarta

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The University of Guadalajara Celebrates the 7th Art

This Monday, June 17, the Closing Gala of the Puerto Vallarta International Film Festival (FICPV) took place, featuring the presentation of the event's highest honor, "The Golden Iguana," to the director of the film that concluded this series of screenings. The award went to "Corina," the winner of the Made in Jalisco award for "Best Jalisco Film." Dr. Jorge Téllez López, rector of CUCosta, presented this distinction to director Úrsula Barba Hopfner, who was moved by the award and expressed her gratitude.

The event was held at the Teatro Vallarta, where attendees enjoyed the film and had the opportunity to interact with the director and the actress from the movie, Naian González. Present at the Closing Gala were university authorities, including Mtra. Mirza Lazareno Sotelo, Administrative Secretary; Dr. José Luis Cornejo Ortega, Academic Secretary; Dr. Margarita Hernández Ortiz, Coordinator of Extension and Cultural Diffusion at the University of Guadalajara, as well as Estrella Araiza, Director of the Guadalajara International Film Festival.

The Film Festival at the Centro Universitario de la Costa (CUCosta) in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, though brief, was an iconic event organized by the University of Guadalajara. This festival has established itself as an important platform for the exhibition of national and international cinematographic productions, as well as a space for filmmakers, critics, and the general public to meet and engage in dialogue. Each year, the event attracts a diverse audience composed of students, film professionals, and cinema enthusiasts, who enjoy a varied selection of films, from feature films and documentaries to short films and animations.

CUCosta, located in the picturesque setting of Puerto Vallarta, offers a unique backdrop that combines the natural beauty of the Mexican Pacific with the cultural and academic richness of the University of Guadalajara. This privileged setting not only makes the festival an enriching cinematic experience but also promotes cultural tourism in the region. During the festival, Puerto Vallarta became a cultural exchange hub, hosting parallel activities such as workshops, conferences, and round tables, which fostered learning and reflection around cinema.

One of the festival's highlights was its commitment to promoting Mexican cinema, especially that of Jalisco, giving visibility to works that often do not find a place in traditional commercial circuits. The festival acted as a showcase for new talents and emerging voices in the film industry, providing a platform for these filmmakers to present their work to a broad and critical audience. Additionally, the official competition of the festival awards the best productions, encouraging excellence and innovation in regional cinema and beyond.

The impact of the Film Festival at CUCosta transcends film screenings. This event has significantly contributed to the cultural life of Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings, creating a space for inclusion and participation for the community. The interaction between filmmakers and the audience, facilitated by the festival's activities, enriches the cinematic experience and strengthens the local cultural fabric. In summary, the Film Festival at the Centro Universitario de la Costa was a celebration of the cinematic arts that fostered creativity, education, and cultural exchange, establishing itself as a significant event in the cultural landscape of Puerto Vallarta and Jalisco.