Merequetengue Festi In Puerto Vallarta 2024

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An opportunity for the children of Puerto Vallarta to engage with Culture and Art.

The Children's Theater Festival "Merequetengue Festi" will take place from June 20 to June 23, 2024. A series of events, exhibitions, and workshops for children will undoubtedly ignite a passion for Art while teaching concepts and safety measures to protect children. This festival is designed to immerse children in a true bubble of Art, where Coral Arroyo, the festival's creative director and cultural manager, establishes the most direct communication channel with children.

The main venue for this festival is La Gata Foro Bar, which has opened its doors to children for many years as a Cultural Center and has thus created a large community connected with the development and growth of their own talents.

In a press conference, Oli (La Tortuga Gitana), Coral Arroyo, Luciana Castellani, and Brenda Janeth Díaz Flores announced that Coral Arroyo has been recognized and supported by the Proyecta Producción Program of the Secretary of Culture of the State of Jalisco. They also informed the public about the extensive program the festival will feature and the small participation of the Vallarta Institute of Culture.

Before presenting the complete festival program, it is worth noting that this festival was held independently last year and now has some government support. The results were and are expected to be very positive, especially for the children who will learn, enjoy, and experience Art comprehensively.



La Voz Salvaje

Musical puppet show by La Ilustre Compañía de La Gata (Puerto Vallarta)
Thursday, June 20, 6 pm, Plaza de Mojoneras. Free admission.
Synopsis: The best voices of the animal kingdom participate in the most popular TV contest. Everyone seeks to win the title of La Voz Salvaje. Come and decide the winner!

Las manchas de la luna

Table puppet theater show by Titi Teatro de títeres (Guadalajara)
Friday, June 21, 6 pm, Plaza de Ixtapa. Free admission.
Synopsis: María is a cheerful girl with a hummingbird and a puppy as friends. She wants to be like her grandmother, singing and telling stories. Life goes on until one night, someone starts bothering her...

Los Artiluxhes

Music and Stories by Compañía Luna Negra (Argentina/CDMX)
Saturday, June 22, 1 pm, La Gata Foro Bar. Tickets $100 presale (until June 18), Regular $150
Synopsis: Otto and Kowalsky will tell you their adventures on earth in a journey full of songs, legends, and lots of rhythm. Come share your adventures and dance with us!

Las aventuras de Oli

Puppet show by Compañía Mariposas Azules (Colombia)
Saturday, June 22, 6:30 pm, La Gata Foro Bar. Tickets $100 presale (until June 18), Regular $150
Synopsis: Oli is a gypsy and singing turtle who will live great adventures with friends she meets along the way and will face the dangers of the seas.


Clown theater show by Claunódromo (Guadalajara)
Sunday, June 23, 6 pm, Centro Cultural La Lija. Free admission
Synopsis: An inventor scrap dealer embarks on a journey in his cart, building machines and gadgets to bring to life the story of an old love, creating a world of magic and fantasy.


Juggling Workshop

Led by Dabit Azofeifa (Costa Rica)
Saturday, June 22, 11 am, La Gata Foro Bar
Cost: $300 (until June 18), $350 after
For children aged 6 and up.

Sock Puppet Workshop

Led by Arlén Larios (Guadalajara) Saturday, June 22, 5 pm, Duration: 1 hour, La Gata Foro Bar
Cost: $300 (until June 18), $350 after

For children aged 6 and up. Younger children can be assisted by their parents.
For information and reservations: Damaris Arellano 55 6103 9503

It is essential for children to learn about child abuse and bullying so they can recognize and confront injustices, develop their talents responsibly, strengthen fraternity and love among them, and find in the arts a refuge and a source of inspiration for their comprehensive growth. Take your children to Merequetengue Festi by Coral Arroyo.